Centre for Heritage Research and Training

Welcome to CHART

CHART (the Centre for Heritage Research and Training) is a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership, based in the School of Culture and Communication at Swansea University. Through research, training and engagement activities we work to support students, scholars and a wide variety of public and voluntary sector organisations both globally and across Wales.

We define heritage as a set of practices that involve either the materials that form the historic environment or intangible expressions of culture. CHART highlights the importance of heritage for cultural identity and shows how heritage can become a focus for conflict and competing interests as well as regeneration, economic development, place-making and well-being.   

January 30, 2023
The fishing heritage of South Wales will serve as the focal point for a project that integrates critical heritage research with a politically and ecologically conscious agenda for small-scale production and localised consumption.
June 8, 2022
CHART and the department of Chemistry at Swansea University explored the role that art and creative engagement can play in communicating complex chemical processes whilst exploring the significance of the rich industrial heritage of the Lower Swansea Valley.
A person standing in front of an exhibition inside a school

The Ysgol Bae Baglan Sustainability Project

In 2022, Rebecca Bangera undertook a SPIN internship program while pursuing my Masters in Childhood Studies at Swansea University. Through the university’s Paid Internship Network (SPIN) students are connected to employers across all sectors for four week graduate level internships.

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