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Wonderland – The Alice Street Story

In just thirteen short years, five young sons from Alice Street in Swansea found themselves on the footballing world stage. A film production by Taliesin Films, supported by funding from CHART.
An illustration of Alice Street in Swansea showing a row of terrace houses.

A unique tale of passion, aspiration and the power of community.

Made by Amina Abu-Shahba (Taliesin Films), Max Webborn and David Brayley. Funded by CHART – Swansea University. Thanks to Gower College students for their support and to everyone involved in making this documentary. This film is for educational purposes and not for profit. Film and music used within the Fair Use Policy.

Read more: BBC news article Football: How Alice Street in Swansea gave Wales five internationals, by Neil Pryor, 18 November 2023.