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Bringing History and Heritage Alive for/with Young People. An online talk by Tracy Breathnach (Swansea University)

Children dressed in World War 2 costume stand at a stall at the Wartime Bridgend event in 2017

In this seminar Dr Tracy Breathnach discusses the co-productive methodology she uses to engage young people and children with history and heritage. With a strong emphasis on co-production and authorship within her work, she uses a wide range of creative approaches to engage young people holistically.

The seminar will be structured around three case studies:

Tracy is a Research Officer based in CHART (Centre for Heritage Research and Training, Swansea University) and delivers a range of public engagement projects. Tracy has been working with young people for over 20 years, having trained originally as a Drama teacher, she has worked extensively in schools and has been part of a number of teacher training and curriculum development initiatives. In the past 6 years she has worked as a project manager on heritage projects in south Wales that engage young people and explore site, narrative, identity and place attachment.

All events begin at 1.15pm and take place online